a beautiful African woman with glasses is a psychologist or a student in practice.

Unique Potential of International Students

In reaching international students with Christ’s love, there is a far-reaching potential:

  • Those who become Christ’s ambassadors to their own countries will not normally face visa, support, or language problems.
  • Unknown to many people, in the recent past, international students have been recruited for terrorist activities and other inhumane happenings. But when we seize the opportunity and practically love them with God’s love, this changes their destiny forever and most countries in the world will live in peace and not live under the fear of terrorism or genocide as in the case of Rwanda in 1994.
  • They will be strategic leaders of their nations, having influence over the advance of the mission of God in their home countries.
  • Some take the Gospel back to unreached people groups and “closed” countries, those where religious freedoms are restricted.
  • Some go back to plant churches in their cities and nations.

PAIS Has A Threefold Mandate


To prepare those students from Christian backgrounds in Africa who go for further studies abroad by giving them missionary orientation and training. As such, they go as missionaries out of Africa to the nations.


To challenge and enable returnee African international students to be salt and light, making their international exposure and education count in positive and enduring impact on their communities, countries and continent.


To make the international students who study in our African universities feel at home away from home, helping them discover the love and truth of Jesus Christ and make this known.